In this one day parenting seminar, you will learn how to  break old patterns

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and update your parenting style. Imagine the power in setting aside one day to change the trajectory of your life!

Are you waiting to adopt a child
but scared you won’t bond?

Do you question whether you will be a good parent?

By investing in SuzieQSoutions’ ‘Breakthrough’ session you will have the opportunity to learn KEY SKILLS in how to be the BEST PARENT POSSIBLE by recognizing and releasing the destructive patterns of your past. 

 You’ll learn how to prepare yourself to raise a happy, healthy whole family
and effortlessly create a bond

You’ll learn to break the patterns that you wished you could have avoided with your parents
….before you bring your child home! 

You can schedule your breakthrough day with SuzieQ
and find lasting change.

Suzie Q and the benefits of getting your One Day Breakthrough



Becoming a parent is one of the most gratifying experiences a person could have. It can also be one of the most challenging. Adopting a baby adds to that challenge as adopted children (yes even newborns) come with their own inherent pain. Pain you will never understand.

This isn’t a bad thing, unless you go into it unprepared and misinformed.

The process of adopting can be a roller-coaster ride of emotions and knowing how to manage those emotions is the first step in creating a strong foundation for you and your child.

The second and equally important step is managing the baggage from your own past. We parent the way we’ve been parented, which may not be the best example. You and I both know, everyone has things, people and situations that trigger us from our past. These triggers are stored emotions formed from negative events in childhood.

If your greatest desire is to adopt and raise happy, well adjusted kids, while feeling balanced, in control (of yourself), confident and self assured, while fully trusting your abilities, then one critical thing you need to do for yourself and your beautiful child to ensure that happens, is to clear up those triggers and erase old patterns.

You can be the parent you wish to be only when you are no longer being influenced by your past. The moment you decide to make the necessary changes because your child [and you] deserve better, is the same moment you recognize and demand more from yourself and life. When this happens, you are unstoppable!

When you parent from a place of present moment awareness, not from the reactionary place of your wounded self, regurgitating your own upbringing, this allows for your child to acquire his/her individual sense of identity vs. being moulded to please his/her parents.

The solutions offered during this One Day Breakthrough are non-invasive & non medicinal.

And what you can leave with Is Self Control, Mental Clarity, Balance, Understanding and
Inner Freedom.

This One Day Breakthrough consists of 4 full hours of pure breakthrough!

With a lunch break in-between, you will uncover what keeps you stuck, feeling broken, angry, hopeless, resentful, guilty, depressed or whatever is holding you a hostage from your past while creating new alternative and supportive beliefs.

This will change not only how you think about your life, but how you manage it! 


If you’ve heard of Dr. Wayne Dyer than you may have heard him say …

In case you don’t know of Dr. Dyer, you may have heard of Alfred Einstein who said …

If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

suzie q solutions

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

suzie q solutions

If you want change now and you insist your child have a peaceful, nurturing environment where they feel safe, supported and loved unconditionally, you must do something different from what you are currently doing. And you must do it before you have children.

This One Day Breakthrough consists of 4 full hours of pure breakthroughs and here’s what else you can expect:

  • Learn how to form a solid attachment with your child
  • Create powerful forward momentum as you work with “will I be a good parent” issues – debunk self doubt and develop action-oriented habits
  • Cultivate a loving and supportive relationship with yourself which will positively affect every area of your life
  • Experience great inner freedom while gently moving through the inner blocks that have kept you repeating the negative patterns of your past
  • Prepare for adoption and getting through the wait
  • Become authentically you! Speak your mind freely, hold your ground and never worry again if someone will be offended
  • Build boundaries that may be necessary as you welcome your baby. (Includes interference from in-laws, parents or other know it all’s)
  • Constant progress –you’ll learn systems that makes a happy outcome inevitable AND that can be applied in other areas
  • Recharge your batteries – reconnect with the who you truly are so you can show up as your best self


So, go ahead, now, and commit yourself to investing in the change you have been waiting for.

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I am excited to work with you and to help you to discover your best you
and set the stage to nurture your growing family.

P.S. You could easily dismiss this message and tell yourself “There is nothing I can do, this is who I am or I don’t have time, I don’t have the money or worse yet, adoptees don’t have trauma – they’ll be fine.” This isn’t about one more thing to do, a child’s life should never be about the money and adoption trauma is real. This is about ensuring the best chance at a great life for you, your child and your whole family.

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