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What Happens When Adoptions Fail From The Child’s Perspective

When hopeful adoptive parents say or hear of an 'adoption fail' that usually means an expected placement didn't happen. That happens when the birth parents

How To Never Fall Victim To Your Kids Behaviour Again

A query I hear often and one I wondered myself back in the day was 'how to never fall victim to your kid's behavior again.'

To The Woman Who Crushed My Spirit: Here’s What I Want You To Know

It was 1966 and a woman was pregnant with her second child. After much deliberating and many unsuccessful attempts to convince the father of the

7 Questions Every Adoptive Parent Should Ask Themselves Before They Adopt

You’re hoping to adopt a child. You’ve done the work, survived the emotional rollercoaster and now you can hear each tick of the clock as

What I Want My Own Adoptive Parents To Know

From a very early age, I was told that I was adopted. And while a part of me understood the facts, they had no emotional

Adopted And Abused – How I Learned Not To Trust

My brother was going snowmobiling. His friends were all sitting around the kitchen table carrying on while waiting for him.  Nana, my adoptive grandmother was

How Do I Know If Adoption Is Right For Me?

Adoption is a big deal. Bringing a child into your life that is guaranteed to have wounds can be scary if you are unprepared. Learning

Adult & Adopted: What I Wish I Could Have Told My Teenage Self

I was about 14 or 15 and an adopted friend of mine was visiting. In front of my adoptive grandmother, she said she was searching

Feeling Triggered By Your Kids? Here’s What To Do…

Children act out. They explore their little world while trying to find their place in it. Sometimes their behavior is different than what we expect,

Are You A Horrible Adoptive Parent? (It’s Ok)

As someone who works with adoptive couples who are ready to become adoptive parents.  and subconsciously or overtly worry about their ability to be the