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How To Know If You Will Be A Controlling Adoptive Parent

You're adopting a child. More than anything in the world you want to grow your family. You are going through a lot of emotions. Your

Happy Mothers Day Wishes To My Biological Mother

Obviously, I am adopted. I do not know my biological mother. As a child, I had no interest in finding her, in fact, everyone around

I Lost Myself When My Adoptive Grandmother Did This To Me

There was a blizzard outside. It was worse on the banks of Lake Erie where I lived than it was in town. I was huddled

5 HUGE Mistakes You Will Make That Will Kill Your Relationship With Your Adopted Child

You go into parenting wanting the best for your child. But my question would be, define 'what is best for your child.' Are you super

Don’t ‘Feel Bad’ For Your Adopted Child Because They Suffer Loss

Adopted children come into the relationship with inherent traumas and loss is one of them. Don't feel bad for your adopted child because they suffer

The One Big TRUTH Adoptive Couples Need To Know About Their Child

First off, if you are someone who has adopted a child, I personally want to thank you. Secondly, this post with the exception of the

You Must Do This One Thing To Fulfill Your Dream As A New Parent

Have you ever found yourself irritated by someone or something and found yourself lashing out at the next person that came along? Maybe you were

Are You Afraid You’ll Be A Horrible Parent?

Having or adopting a baby is a big deal. When I found out I was pregnant I was super excited but also scared. I had no doubt

Do you know you will implant the seeds of your past onto your children?

A flower drops it's seeds and grows more of the same flowers. Seeds taken from a plant and replanted grows the same plant. Trees bear

What You Believe To Be True Directs Your Life

What the heck are beliefs and why should you care? A belief is a thought you think repeatedly without question. Everything you do, every action