As an adopted child and advocate for Healthy, Happy, Whole Families, Suzie Q helps adopting parents create their forever family with passion, purpose, and presence. The truth is, adoption is just the beginning. What matters most is the Happily Ever After journey you take together.

At Suzie Q Solutions, you receive hands-on support, coaching, energy work, and emotional releases to get ready to lovingly raise your own Healthy, Happy, Whole Family. Together, we get you some much-needed clarity and direction for every step of the journey – starting today!

Suzanne Jones is the founder of SuzieQSolutions — a one person Pre-Adoption Coaching Firm that works with couples during the adoption process to be the parents that they want to be and that the adopted child needs them to be.

Suzanne is highly experienced and as an adoptee herself, she knows exactly what it takes to raise a well-adjusted adopted child. She’s been trained in multiple modalities. She is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and a Certified Dream Coach.


About Suzanne Jones:

Suzanne is a mother of 3. She raised her kids for half their lives as a single mother. All the kids are out of the house and are all exploring different parts of Canada.  She currently lives with her dog Deja-vu who her one son used to take for walks and use as a chic magnet.

Suzanne was adopted at 3 months old as was her brother. She has had many difficulties and dysfunctions in growing up. For instance, at 15 years old, they gave her back.

She went from foster home to foster home and while she was there, her brother, 18, was killed in a car crash. Her grandmother said, “It’s just too damn bad the best one in the family had to die.”

As you can imagine, that affected how she parented her kids.


Because of this, Suzanne’s mission is to help couples to be GREAT adoptive parents. Their goal is to form a deep and meaningful bond with their child and for their adopted child to feel safe, loved and connected. 

You’re probably wondering ‘Do I really need this?’

For most couples, my answer is YES.

Here’s why:



You can not be the parent you want to be because you read a few books and talked to a few adoptees. 

For some reason, people think that doing so will solve all their problems. It won’t and that is why the “How To” parenting industry has risen to extraordinary heights.

Hopeful adoptive parents read books and take 12-hour courses that glaze over the deep effect adoption has on the child.

Parenting an adopted child is not a hit or miss thing. It’s not cool to rely on trial and error when you have the option to use preventative measures.



If you don’t want to clean up your past, you aren’t going to enjoy working with me.

I get it. You’ve been through stuff and it’s over. You say you know what you won’t do as a parent. (As they say, the road to HELL is paved with good intentions). But that’s where people get into trouble. Your “stuff” will resurface with your kids. It’s not a question of if. It’s a question of when.

Adoption is a traumatic event for your child. It will only add more layers of complexity for all involved when parents aren’t emotionally and psychologically prepared.

It is naive to think love alone will heal all their wounds and it’s more naive to think that your past will not affect how you parent your adopted child.



If you’re looking for “Shortcuts And Cheap”, I’m not your gal.

Parenting a child is an exciting and joyous adventure, but it is not Disneyland. There are no shortcuts. What I hear when someone wants to take the easiest route for something as important as parenting, is they’re not thinking of the child. They are making it about themselves. Because they are tired, spent and overwhelmed.

Look, parenting is hard work. And it’s going to get harder with an adoptee and unprepared parents. By taking the proper measures, your parenting can be all that you expect it to be.


Here’s what you can expect from working with me.

√ Proven actionable strategies that will ensure a solid foundation for you and your child to thrive.
√ Become a peaceful and passionate parent, instead of stressed out and anxious one.
√ Increase the tools in your box for fabulous parenting.
√ Learn to navigate the roller coaster of emotions that come along with adoption and parenting.
√ Uncover and strengthen your natural parenting gifts.
√ Break the chain of parental mistakes and challenges.
√ Be confident and loving parents to your new baby.

There are many uncertainties in adoption, but doing this work is not one of them.

Pre-Adoption Coaching with Suzanne will open the door to a harmonious transition and peaceful parenting.


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