Are you a couple wanting to adopt a baby?

Worried about how you’ll be as parents?

adoption counseling services

Do you want to show up as the best parents you can be?

If so, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve come to the right place…

Helping Couples Seeking Newborn Adoption

Hi. I’m SuzieQ.
I help people change their lives on a generational level

I work with couples seeking newborn adoption who are afraid they will be horrible parents. I help them to be confident loving parents to their new baby. Would you like to break the cycle of unhappiness and create a strong family that carries happiness, abundance and success to each successive generation?  I work with parents, specializing in adoptive parents, to create deep inner transformation and move into a new future.


suzieq solutions

I will help guide you be the person, the parent you wish to be.


suzieq solutions

I help people who are scared to become parents because they don’t want to repeat their dysfunctional past.


suzieq solutions

I work with individuals to help them be their best, to achieve their dreams.

I have been dealing with this issue (or so I thought)! for a lot of years. After I came to see you, I realized I hadn’t dealt with it at all and now I have such clarity and instantly after my session, I felt relieved and lighter.

Allison M

I’m here to help

I work with people primarily in these ways:

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