Are you a loving couple ready to adopt a child?

Have you invested time, money, and energy into finding the right child for your family…but haven’t really thought about how to create a loving, lasting bond once you get your child?


adoption counseling services

Would you like to explore and deeply understand how to raise your child to feel safe, loved and connected?

It’s Time To Ignite YourAbility To Parent From The Heart.

Hi, my name is Suzie Q. As an adopted child and advocate for Healthy, Happy, Whole Families, I help adopting parents parent from the heart with passion, purpose, and presence. The truth is, adoption is just the beginning. What matters most is the Happily Ever After journey you take together – starting right now.

“The best gift an adoptive couple can give their child is to work through their own issues of abandonment and loss (whatever form those issues took). The degree to which this has been accomplished will greatly affect how they act and react in their relationship to their child”

– excerpt from Primal Wounds



suzieq solutions

I will help guide you be the person, the parent you wish to be.


suzieq solutions

I help people who are scared to become parents because they don’t want to repeat their dysfunctional past.


suzieq solutions

I work with individuals to help them be their best, to achieve their dreams.

You’re Ready To Adopt. 


Congratulations! Having a family is one of the best gifts you receive in this lifetime. And… it’s a gift not to be taken for granted.

Think back to your own childhood. Was it healthy, happy, and did you feel whole? (If so, congratulations!)

If not, don’t worry. Most of us grow up in a family with some level of dysfunction. The key is to NOT bring the pain of the past, the hurt in your heart, or the baggage that’s bogging you down into your life today – and especially NOT into the family you’re creating.

It’s time to let go of past pain and childhood wounds.

It’s time to become the BEST version of yourself and the BEST parent you can be.

It’s time to open your mind, heart, and emotions to YOUR vision of your Healthy, Happy, Whole Family. From here, we can let go of what’s in the way and make room for your Forever Family.

You don’t have to travel this road alone. In fact, I don’t recommend it.

Just as you’ve enlisted a team for your adoption, it’s time to enlist support for your emotional readiness.

And I’m here to help

I work with individuals and couples by phone, Skype or in person in Alberta Canada.

Together, we will: 

√ Create a sense of clarity about how your own upbringing will likely affect your parenting (and not always in the ways you think!)

√ Discover the essential building blocks for creating a thriving foundation for your child’s development

√ Determine the top mistakes adoptive parents make that leave both them and their children at risk (and how you can avoid making them!)

√ Identify the actions you can take to create an adoptive bond as powerful as a biological bond

√ Become a fantastic adoptive parent

√ Bust the parenting illusions

√ Create a solid foundation so you and your child with thrive.

√ Learn tools, strategies, and tips to clean up your past

√ Gain a clear understanding of the adopted child what it takes to parent them

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